How many times do we not throw money at so-called ” bargains ” and then realize that we have ” forgotten ” about the more important expenses? People who have trouble controlling their urge to buy in excess need to know that there are a lot of tricks. For example, one of them is choosing when to go to the supermarket.

psih. Dr. Anamaria Iulian, specialist in the treatment of childhood obesity:  It would be better not to go shopping without food. Because in one way you react to blood sugar of 60-70 and in another way to 100-120. Then if you go shopping at the gym, where you will be loaded with endorphins, you will not be as easily tempted. Having already this state of well-being of which I have spoken before.

Compulsive shoppers should also avoid paying by card. Explication?

Alina Ioniţă, trainer: With the card you have the impression that you don’t give money. You don’t see them coming out of your pocket. Some studies have been done in America: the average cash purchase was $ 4.5, the average card purchase was $ 7. So 30-40% increase. If you know yourself impulsively, pay cash.

In addition, the grocery cart can be replaced with a smaller basket. Thus, compulsive shoppers will no longer be tempted to buy so many things. Also, a shopping list helps to keep spending in check, but also to avoid big stores, where people spend more time.

Alina Ioniţă, trainer:  Because studies done, the more you spend in the store, the more you spend! We need to know this when you go to the supermarket, that you spend the most there, when you open the shopping list, try to put them on your route and go to a store you know. Where do you know how the products are placed.

Every time a person wants to buy things that were not on the list of needs, he should think of one thing: how necessary those objects are in reality. Another piece of advice for specialists is to set a goal that is worth the savings.

Alina Ioniţă, trainer:  Something that will not be easy for you to buy every day and that you may have wanted for a long time and it would satisfy you emotionally. The moment you go shopping you will weigh: ok, does this matter more or does my goal matter, to cut it out?

Last but not least, specialists recommend buying quality products. They will nurture self-respect and keep shoppers out of stores for a longer period of time. According to American researchers, compulsive shopping is a form of addiction.

Alina Ioniţă, trainer:  She goes shopping in a bad state, when she buys her level of happiness suddenly increases and much more than in the case of the ordinary buyer and when she gets home the level suddenly drops below the state she had -when she left.

While the average buyer …

Alina Ioniţă, trainer:  … She goes shopping in a good condition, her level of happiness increases when she buys, and when she gets home the level of happiness is even higher !! It’s that state of delight.

psih. Dr. Anamaria Iulian, specialist in the treatment of childhood obesity: We talk about the disorder when we buy often, we can not stop, we have no reason to do so, we borrow, we hide from those who are dear to us, we buy things useless just because we can’t help it, because we have this need that is hard to control! Then we talk about a problem.

Also pay attention to the following alarm signals …

Alina Ioniţă, trainer: I buy impulsively, I deviate from the list, I end up buying things, I buy them and when I get home I realize that I don’t need them and the worst case is that I don’t like them. I feel a sense of guilt and shame as soon as possible because I have bought or worse I buy and I hide my shopping from those around me.

Petruţa Gheorghe, psychologist: When the amount of emotion is too big, when someone buys without being able to deal with reality, buys from the money he doesn’t have, spends absolutely all his money, then can we think about what is happening there? 02.35 is generally a manic behavior and what does that mean? That there is great suffering behind it. And it’s like an escape from that suffering!

Alina Ioniţă, trainer: You buy to buy someone’s love. Our children associate the feeling of love, of love with material goods and we end up buying a gesture of friendship when you want to express to someone.

But can money buy happiness? In America, although people’s incomes have doubled in the last 50 years, the level of happiness has remained constant, according to studies.


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