A pressure washer is an incredible innovation. It makes cleaning easy and fast. For instance, it can help you remove paint from a fence half the time it would take you during hand washing. You will find many pressure washers in the market, each priced differently. The different pricing may confuse you on which is best. Thus, this article will inform you of the different pricing factors.

1. Power source

The different pressure washers present in the market have various power sources. The power source includes; electricity, battery, and gas. An electric pressure washer is usually the cheapest, while a gas pressure washer is the most expensive. The best thing about pressure washing machines is that they are incredibly affordable. You can find one for as low as $150. However, if you want to buy a high-end device, you will have to spend more.

Furthermore, the power source you pick should depend on your needs. Gas pressure washing machines are perfect for frequent use and heavy-duty cleaning. The battery-operated one is perfect for user mobility. The device is usually of small size; thus, you can easily fit it in your car. In addition, the electric power machine is the most eco-friendly machine.

2. Hose length

A pressure washer usually comes with a hose that can accommodate high pressures. A long hose allows you to reach a longer distance than a short hose. Furthermore, a long hose is especially significant for wall-mounted pressure washers. Thus, the longer the hose, the more expensive the machine. Moreover, the hose’s material can also determine to price. Some hoses are more durable than others. The more durable the material is, the higher the cost will be.

3. The cleaning power of a pressure washer

There are two main determinants of a pressure washer’s cleaning power. The determinants include; gallons per minute (GPM) and pounds per square inch (PSI). The cleaning power determines whether the machine can perform heavy, medium, or light work. Thus, the higher a machine’s cleaning power is, the more costly it will become. It means that heavy-duty pressure washing machines are more expensive than light-duty machines.

4. Detergent tank

A detergent tank is not a must-have for the machines. However, the extra features can increase its pricing. Some devices have two tanks that ensure you can do two cleaning works at a go. Thus, whether or not you need the built-in tank depends on your needs.

5. Type of pump present in your pressure washer

Generally, some machines, especially the gas-powered ones, use triplex or axial pumps. Axial pumps are cheaper compared to triplex. Thus, a device that uses the axial pump is more affordable. Axial pumps are best for infrequent use. They also require minimal maintenance. The triplex pump is more efficient and is better for frequent work.


Several factors influence the price of a pressure washer. However, the most basic is the cleaning power and the power source. But also, additional features such as detergent tanks influence its pricing. The above factors can help you determine the reason for price differentiation.


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