We all want our surroundings such as our offices, homes, rooms, gardens and garage etc. to look clean and hygienic. Because the cleanliness of our surrounding environment portrays an image of our personality. So, we have to keep at least our nearby environment neat, clean, dirt-free. We have some stubborn and hardened stains and dirty marks that are not removed by simple dusting and cloth cleaning. For this purpose, a pressure washer is an amazing and compact device which is also easy to use. These devices are mostly used commercially for car washing, concrete washing, motor bike washing etc. But they can also be used in homes for cleaning of different objects and surfaces. We will discuss about all the main body parts of the pressure washer that will provide you an illustration of this device. So that you can purchase this product, having all information about it, for your own benefits.

What are the main structural body parts of a pressure washer?

A pressure washer is a compact device that has an adjustable size and shape. You can easily move it inside your house or outside in the garden, for cleaning different household objects. It has different integral parts that are combined together in a beautiful shape. We will discuss in detail about those parts, so you can get an idea about its working.

A pump; the most important body part

The most important part in the working of a pressure washer is its pump. As heart is for human body, pump is for the pressure washer. It performs the main function of the pressure washer. It first creates suction, due to which water is pulled towards it from the water source. The due to high-speed motion of its blade, it pushes off water with very high velocity and pressure. The great pressure with which water is sprayed on objects for cleaning, is created by pump. It may be a reciprocating pump or a centrifugal pump.

Electric motor:

An electric motor is also one of the most important parts of the pressure washer. You can get an idea about its importance from its function. Its function is to drive the pump, that creates suction and ejects pressurized water. The motor runs on the electricity. Then its fan rotates at very high rpm. This motor is connected to the pump through a belt or a shaft. Motor rotates the shaft or the belt. Then belt or shaft drives the pump.

Engine (for fuel-based pressure washers):

The engine is used in the pressure washers that are run by any fuel such as petrol or gasoline. These engines are run by the fuel then this engine further drives the pump. Pump here is also connected to the engine via a shaft or a belt. Mostly, the engine-based pressure washers are used for heavy duty purposes and big projects of cleaning and washing.

Hoses or pipes for the inlet and outlet of water:

Water is pulled in towards the pump through an inlet hose. On end of this hose is in the water tank or connected to a water source. Other is attached to pump. High pressure water then is sprayed on the required surface by an outlet hose, that also has a nozzle on it.


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