An outboard motor is an autonomous propulsion system used for powering and steering boats. This motor is a combination of jet drive, engine, and gearbox that is all required to operate a boat.

As the name indicates, the outboard motor is placed outside the boat rather than hiding inside the system. The outboard motors are expensive, so most people prefer used motors over brand new ones.

However, purchasing a used motor leaves many questions in buyers’ minds about whether it is okay to buy a used motor and how they can purchase a functional and good-quality used motor.

Well, these are the valid concern of a person spending a lot of his money. If you also have some worries, then this article will undoubtedly be a great help for you.

This article will explain some tips and hints that would be useful for you while purchasing a used outboard motor.

Let’s begin!

Motors from Online Market

Buying the outboard motors in the online market is pretty different than offline because you cannot test the motor here, but you have the official proof of purchasing the motor. So, you can claim a refund in case of damage and malfunction.

Here are some things that you should notice while purchasing used motors online;

1. Engine Size

Unlike offline purchases, where the options of used motors are pretty limited, the online market offers a huge range of used motors of different engine sizes. So, while choosing a motor, check the horsepower of the engine. Choose the same horsepower as your previous engine.

2. Fuel Type

The outboard motors use different fuel types, from gasoline to diesel. Check which fuel type the motor used for its functioning and choose your required option.

3. Check for Sale

Usually, many websites offer great sales on specific occasions. You can save money by purchasing a used motor from the sale. So, when you start thinking about buying a motor, check if used outboard motors for sale are available or not.

4. Website Reliability

The significant benefit of going through the online market is that many websites provide you countless good-quality options. So, go over a reliable site like for minimum price ranges and high-performing motors. offers various sized used outboard motors of well-known brands like Yamaha.

5. Check the Website Review

The customers and expert reviews about almost every website are available online. If you are not sure about the website services and their product quality, check the reviews about the website.

6. Refund Services

While choosing a used motor, check whether the company is providing you the refund services or not. Refunding services indicate that the company is trustworthy. gives a refund policy on all its used outboard motors with an on-time delivery guarantee.

7. Warranty

Like the brand new outboard motors, many websites offer warranty for their used motors products. So, choose a product that provides you with a warranty.


The online market is pretty beneficial for choosing the used outboard motors. Here you cannot check the motor performance, but the quality of the product is ensured. Hopefully, these tips will help you pick the suitable motor for your boat.


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