In recent years, corduroy pants have shifted from preppy menswear looks to a fast fashion essential. With thick and durable material, corduroy pants are a must-have closet essential for any fashion enthusiast and stylist. Since they have a rigged and dense material, they can be styled as a casual fit or an elegant official look. You can have a great fashion moment or a complete miss with baggy corduroy pants.

The colors you choose and the way you style your pants outfit will determine how good or bad you look. Depending on the look you’re going for, it is important to know what accessories and colors to wear the baggy corduroy pants with to bring together the look you want.

How to Style Baggy Corduroy Pants

There are many ways to style this look, depending on the occasion. Below are some cool-inspired looks you can use for your next Corduroy pants look.

1. The Artistic Creative Look

For this look, you need to experiment with colors and use popping colors that stand out from the typical crowd. You can choose a hot pink, yellow, or bright blue color for your pants and match it with a similar top or a more neutral one. This look is best suited for outgoing people, possibly ones who want to express their art and creativity through clothing.

2. Streetwear Fashion Look

Whenever you think of anything baggy, the first look that comes to mind is streetwear fashion. With most streetwear looks, you need to add an extremely baggy puffy jacket or ripped denim wear. The outfits can go with relaxed or brighter colors, but the bagginess achieves the streetwear look every time.

3. Vintage Academia Student Look

You can achieve the dark academia student look by pairing these pants with some loafers and a knitted loosely tucked-in knitted sweater. It is best to go with a brown or black color to fit best the theme or vibe you want to go for. You can also do a knitted vest with a long-sleeved shirt as a modern academic look.

4. Modern Office Wear

With the current generation, pulling off a tremendous official look doesn’t have to be with suits alone. You can use baggy corduroy pants and pair them with either a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt and top it off with a coat. If you decide to go with brighter official colors, ensure that the color combinations go well; otherwise, it won’t be an official look.

5. The Vintage Jazz Musician Look

The corduroy pants are perhaps most recognizable and noticeable to jazz musicians. It is a standard jazz musician look that adds to the 90s look vibe. You should do a mild color on the pants and hat. The outfit needs a turtle neck styled with an artistic jacket, preferably animal prints. Finish off the look with knee-length boots, and you’re all set.


There are so many ways to sport either baggy or fitting corduroy pants. Their design and material make them a great fit and suitable for any occasion, depending on your style. It is a durable closet essential you need to have in your wardrobe if you want an elegant, artistic, and stylish moment all in one.


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