Welcoming a newborn baby to the family is an exciting experience that brings the family together. Consequently, it is normal for family members to get gifts for the baby as a welcome sign. However, babies tend to get allergic to gifts such as a bracelet and necklace of a particular material. Therefore, it is important to get items that do not cause allergies, such as a baby gold bracelet that is safe. The following pointers will guide you on Newborn bracelet  shopping ideas:

1. Material of the newborn bracelet

First, the bracelet should be made from material that does not cause allergic reactions on the baby’s skin. The best choice to consider is stainless steel, titanium, and gold bracelets which are safe for the baby to wear. Secondly, make sure that the bracelet is made from difficult material to break under considerable tension. Babies are known to try and bite or pull on items on their bodies. Therefore, it is important to protect your child from breaking and swallowing parts of the bracelet by buying a firm one. Lastly, the bracelet should not have removable attachments because the baby will be in danger of eating them.

2. Personalized  newborn bracelet

Another pointer is to go for personalized bracelets that you can order and wait for manufacture and delivery. Such bracelets have specific inscriptions that you provide to the manufacturer. Examples are your child’s name, the date of birth, and the symbolism the child holds in your life. Such identity bracelets will cost you a lot more than the ones you buy on the shelves at the store. However, they are worth your money because they display your affection towards your baby.

3. Size

The third tip is to be keen about the right bracelet size you intend to buy for your baby. Babies have small hands, and it is crucial to find jewelry that is not too tight to squeeze and hurt them. However, the jewelry should not be loose because it can fall off the hand without your knowledge. The perfect choice is to pick an adjustable piece of jewelry, such as the expanding bangle that will befit a baby.

4. Design

The design of the bracelet you decide to buy for your kid depends on your taste in bracelets. Since it is impossible to establish what the baby likes, it is important to use your judgment to get what is suitable. However, some things help you decide the type of jewelry design to choose. First, the baby’s skin tone should help you choose the right type of jewelry to buy.

Shiny jewelry is suitable for a darker skin tone because it perfectly complements the baby’s appearance. Yellow and white gold designs are therefore a perfect choice. However, a lighter skin tone goes with both shiny and dull jewelry. Secondly, you can purchase bracelets with different colors that compliment your baby’s appearance with plain clothes. Lastly, there are beaded and pearly bracelets to choose from if you are into such style.


The variety of bracelet types on the market gives you a range of options for your baby’s gift. Before buying, consider the child’s safety concerning allergies. The possibility of the baby choking on loosely held bracelets should help you get the right jewelry.


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