The shower head is an integral part of your regular showering routine. Still, many people are stuck in the old and unreliable shower heads, unaware that many advanced types are available on the market.

If you haven’t been in the shower market recently, there is much for you to know. In this article, we have brought the eight most common and popular types of shower heads that are available everywhere.

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But before checking declinko, let’s have a look at what these types are!

#1 Fixed Shower Heads

A fixed shower head is the conventional mount head type that is either installed on a wall, with the ceiling, or the water pipe. This shower head usually has one water flow option, but you can slightly change the head direction according to your preference.

#2 LED Shower Heads

Does your shower design seem tedious? If yes! It would help if you thought about having an LED shower head. This shower head will liven up your dull bathroom lighting. The LED shower heads feature color-changing or one-colored LED lights to add some ambiance to the bathroom. nd you will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of LED shower heads to choose from.

#3 Rain Shower Heads

Rain shower heads use a bit different approach than most other short-neck mounted shower heads that come directly out of the wall. This rainfall shower head has a straight above-head water flow that will pour the water, imitating a rainstorm.

#4 Dual Shower Heads

A dual shower head is the best solution for those having difficulty deciding which shower head to choose. So, instead of selecting just one limited option, you can benefit from purchasing these dual shower heads with different spray patterns.

#5 Hand-held Shower Heads

A A hand-held shower head is widely becoming popular as it doesn’t cover the limitations of fixed/mounted shower heads. These shower heads are usually attached to the end of a flexible water pipe, and you can take the head in whichever direction you want.

These are the self-reliant and fully controlled shower heads that are perfect for the family of small kids where you have to give a shower to your toddler.

#6 Rail Shower Heads

A rail shower head is a hand-held head that is the perfect solution for a family with different heights. The rail/slide in these showers is attached to a sliding bar to adjust the height of the shower.

#7 Adjustable Shower Heads

An adjustable shower head is a simple and basic type with a few modifications than conventional heads. This type comes up with versatility in the form of multiple spray patterns. Usually, the adjustable shower head has up to three spray options, but it can be a maximum of twelve.

#8 High-Pressure Shower Heads

Most people feel that their shower just dribbles the low-pressure water flow, which is not enough to wash off their shampoo and soap. You are also dealing with the same problem; the high-pressure shower heads are indeed for your needs.

These shower heads are designed with small holes that maximize the water pressure and provide a better showering experience.


This article has covered all the basic and advanced shower head types to make it easier for you to shop. Hopefully, it will help you find the most appropriate option when encountering the jam-jacked shower head market.


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